[Video] Seyi Alesh – Morire Sax Version [Mike Abdul Cover] (@seyialesh @mikeabdulng)

Prolific, energetic and entertaining Gospel Saxophonist, Seyi Alesh continues to show how passionate he is about worshipping God with no holds barred. This is evident in the latest video of Morire (Sax Version) which has just been released by him.
Seyi Alesh initially dropped the Sax Version cover of Gospel Artist, Mike Abdul’s powerful song just last month and has taken it a step further with this new video which has been endorsed by Midnight Crew member, Mike Abdul himself.

 The video starts out on a very energetic note with Seyi blowing the sax effortlessly in a way that makes you nod your head and dance along with the tempo and flow of the music. As the meaning of the song suggests, the  Morire video is all about thanksgiving and you can see Seyi appreciating God as he walks through the streets of Los Angeles, California in a joyful manner.
It is a very captivating video from the beginning to the end with a beautiful blend of personal and public testimony of indeed how great our God is as Seyi Alesh keeps raising the bar of praise and worship.



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Written By Nehe

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