Ep: Mala-Kai – Seriously Addressing Me (S.A.M)


My name is Malachi Musa Maikaje, I was born in Gombe state, hailed in Kano state, I attended sec school in Ogun state and became a graduate of History from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.  I am presently residing in the city of Jos. I will say that i am an introvert but people mistake me for an extrovert. I like my space, I like movies, adventure and travelling but above all I am a lover of God.

Music has always been a passion right from my childhood. The influence was largely from my late dad, my mum and my elder brother. My dad influence grew with time and I began to listen and mime the likes of Fela, Lucky Dube, Bob Marley and Penny Penny but my elder brother kind of music (HipHop, RnB and Soul) stole that interest and I began to listen to the likes of 2pac, Puff daddy, master P, mary j blige, B2K, Usher, phil Collins etc I remember saving money to buy lyrics books to enhance my knowledge on a particular artist song. I started by singing before I switched to Rap. My love for this kind of music led me to create a musical group in secondary school called FOUNDATION BOYS which consist of five boys lols. I believe music is an art of expressing whatever I feel. Is it pain, joy, love, lust, anxiety, depression, or frustration etc

Seriously Addressing Me (SAM) EP is a project of self-evaluation, mind renewal and the journey of experience, which discusses some of  my life encounters, failures, and struggles and how I  overcame through Gods unfailing love. In this project, I get to talk about some of my past ordeals through the lens of other people’s present. However, it is not a project for self- gratification or being judgmental, it is birth because my story can speak to others who are presently where  I use to be.

This EP plainly addresses issues on lust, depression, frustration and struggles. I never want to be hypocritical about the issues I experienced in life, like I never faced them, I want to be real. A lot of us had struggles, we make mistakes and made wrong decision that almost cost us our lives but somehow GOD mercy kept us. It’s a testimony that through it all, God’s love have always prevail. Honestly, I almost threw this passion and purpose out of the window out of frustration, pride and carelessness, but somehow, it was like the more I kept running away from it, the more I keep coming closer to it. I struggled to write some songs on this EP, with the thought that some of it is in the past or maybe with the question, how will people see me? But prayerfully, God made me realized that my past, maybe another person’s present, so I had to share some of my story.  A lot of people are in same state of regret, frustration, denial and addiction that I use to be, but it is important they know that God’s love is never ending, no matter how far we think we are from Him and no matter how bad we feel about things we have done or still doing. Thus this is a call that God cares and await you to come to Him. Let all the bad energy lead you to Him the way my experiences both good or bad led me to Him. I pray that by listening to this EP, it will ignite that fire of responsibility and point you to where all  your questions will find answers. SAM  is for your mind and soul only.

Connect: Twitter: khai_310, IG: malakhai_1k, FB page: m.alakai, FB: Musa Mala-kai Maikaje




DOWNLOAD – Seriously Addressing Me

DOWNLOAD – Sometimes


DOWNLOAD – Patience ft Jakes Hinjari

DOWNLOAD – Beautiful love ft Jakes Hinjari

DOWNLOAD – Hope ft Haye

6 thoughts on “Ep: Mala-Kai – Seriously Addressing Me (S.A.M)

  1. It has taken me this long to leave a reply because I wanted to really analyse and give an honest reply.
    You did great with this EP Mala-kai. Seriously addressing me (second song) is my favorite so far. I listened absentmindedly to beautiful love but I got trapped in it somehow and had to listen to it again. This entire EP is a drum full of inspiration and encouragement.
    More grace.


  2. Wanted Something New from Africa, Nigeria to be precise and I got this, this is an uplifting Ep, would Like to get more updates of such projects from you…


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